VO Bucks

VO Bucks!

Wooden Token Incentive Program

Our wooden token incentive program is designed to keep everyone in the mood for fun and on the right track. Our VO Bucks program rewards patients for taking good care of their teeth and braces. The more VO bucks you earn, the bigger the reward. You may cash them in at any time for a Visa gift card to use at your favorite stores! We continue to strive to not only produce healthy smiles for a lifetime, but to make the process an exciting and pleasant journey!


1 token:
  • Wearing a VO promotional item to your appointment
  • Schedule an appointment on your birthday
  • Sending us a postcard from your vacation
2 tokens: NO tokens will be granted if any of the following apply:
  • If you arrive late to a scheduled appointment.
  • If at your regular scheduled appointment, you have a broken brace or appliance.
  • For emergency appointments.

VO BUCKS are like money – if they are lost, they are not replaced!

To participate in the VO Bucks program, you must be in the active phase of treatment, prior to the retainer phase. You may cash in your tokens at any point during your active treatment or at the end of treatment.